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  • Voici la liste de quelques articles scientifiques publiés grâce au Mésocentre de calcul de Franche-Comté


Quelques publications en 2014

A parallel implementation of the Durand-Kerner algorithm for polynomial root-finding on GPU


Ghidouche, Kahina and Couturier, Raphael and Sider, Abderrahmane


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=10.1109/INDS.2014.17

Stability analysis of the spatiotemporal Lugiato-Lefever model for Kerr optical frequency combs in the anomalous and normal dispersion regimes


Cyril Godey, Irina V. Balakireva, Aurélien Coillet, and Yanne K. Chembo


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1103/PhysRevA.89.063814

Prognostics-based Scheduling in a Distributed Platform : Model, Complexity and Resolution


Nathalie Herr, Jean-Marc Nicod and Christophe Varnier


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1109/CoASE.2014.6899455

Prognostic Decision Making to Extend a Platform Useful Life under Service Constraint


Nathalie Herr, Jean-Marc Nicod and Christophe Varnier


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1109/ICPHM.2014.7036397

Using a Sparse Promoting Method in Linear Programming Approximations to Schedule Parallel Jobs.


Chretien, Stephane and Nicod, Jean-Marc and Philippe, Laurent and Rehn-Sonigo, Veronika and Toch, Lamiel


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1002/cpe.3350

Couplage d’algorithmes d’optimisation par un SMA pour l’exploration distribuée de simulateurs complexes : Application à l’épidémiologie


The-Nhan Ho, Nicolas Marilleau, Hong-Quang Nguyen et Jean-Daniel Zucker


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=

Molecular chemisorption on passivated and defective boron doped silicon surfaces: a “forced” dative bond




Article, 2014, DOI=10.1039/C4CP03347G

Theoretical study of intermolecular interactions in nanoporous networks on boron doped silicon surface




Article, 2014, DOI=10.1016/j.cplett.2014.10.005

A new assisted molecular cycloaddition on boron doped silicon surfaces: a predictive DFT-D study




Article, 2014, DOI=10.1039/C4CP00839A

C60 molecules grown on a Si-supported nanoporous supramolecular network: a DFT study




Article, 2014, DOI=10.1039/C4CP01677G

Dynamic Frequency Scaling for Energy Consumption Reduction in Synchronous Distributed Applications


Jean-Claude Charr, Raphaël Couturier, Ahmed Fanfakh, Arnaud Giersch


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=10.1109/ISPA.2014.38

Supramolecular self-assembly of brominated molecules on a silicon surface


Y. Makoudi, M. Beyer, J. Jeannoutot, F. Picaud, F. Palmino and F. Cherioux


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1039/C4CC01158A

Quantum study of boron nitride nanotubes functionalized with anticancer molecules


Eric Duverger, Tijani Gharbi, Eric Delabrousse and Fabien Picaud


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1039/C4CP01660B

Experimental and simulation studies of unusual current blockade induced by translocation of small oxidized PEG through a single nanopore


S. Cabello-Aguilar, A. Chaaya, F. Picaud, M. Bechelany, C. Pochat-Bohatier, S. Yesylevskyy, S. Kraszewski, M. C. Bechelany, F. Rossignol, E. Balanzat,e J. M. Janot, P. Miele, P. Dejardin and S. Balme


Article, 2014, DOI=DOI 10.1039/c4cp01954g

Finding the Core-Genes of Chloroplasts


B. AlKindy, J.-F. Couchot, C. Guyeux, A. Mouly, M. Salomon, and J. M. Bahi


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=10.17706/IJBBB

Gene similarity-based approaches for determining core-genes of chloroplasts


B. AlKindy, C. Guyeux, J.-F. Couchot, M. Salomon, and J. M. Bahi


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=10.1109/BIBM.2014.6999130

A survey on parallel and distributed Multi-Agent Systems


Rousset, Alban and Herrmann, Benedicte and Lang, Christophe and Philippe, Laurent


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=10.1007/978-3-319-14325-5_32

Etude comparative des plateformes parallèles pour systèmes multi-agents


Rousset, Alban and Herrmann, Benedicte and Lang, Christophe


Inproceedings, 2014, DOI=

Fiber-integrated optical nano-tweezer based on a bowtie-aperture nano-antenna at the apex of a SNOM tip


Ali El Eter, Nyha M. Hameed, Fadi I. Baida, Roland Salut, Claudine Filiatre, Dusan Nedeljkovic, Elie Atie, Samuel Bole, and Thierry Grosjean


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1364/OE.22.010072

Stand-Alone Three-Dimensional Optical Tweezers Based on Fibred Bowtie Nanoaperture


Nyha M. Hameed, Ali El Eter, Thierry Grosjean, Fadi I. Baida


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1109/JPHOT.2014.2341011

1, 3-Dipolar cycloaddition reactions of indan-1-one enamines across arylnitrile oxides leading to novel cyclic isoxazoline derivatives


Hanene Jelizi, Nadia Wannassi, Mohamed El Baker Rammah, Kabula Ciamala, Michael Knorr, Yoann Rousselin, Marek M. Kubicki, Carsten Strohmann, and Mironel Enescu.


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1002/jhet.1588

A principal components analysis of the dynamics of subdomains and binding sites in Human Serum Albumin


Paris, G. ; Ramseyer, C ; Enescu, M.


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1002/bip.22418

High level ab initio calculation of the stability of mercury-thiolate complexes


Enescu, M; Manceau


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1007/s00214-014-1457-x

An experimental and theoretical study of the amino acid side chain Raman bands in proteins


Sjoberg, B; Foley, S; Cardey, B; Enescu, M.


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1016/j.saa.2014.02.080

Electrosynthesis of Poly(alanine)-Like Peptides in Concentrated Alanine Based Electrolytes, Characterization Coupled to DFT Study and Application to pH Proton Receptor


Alhedabi, G. Herlem, H. Cattey, V. Blondeau-Patissier, T. Gharbi


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1021/jp507549v

First-principles study of the interaction between NO and large carbonaceous clusters modeling the soot surface.


C. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Picaud, M.T. Rayez, J.C. Rayez, J. Rubayo-Soneira


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1021/jp412217q

Water and formic acid aggregates: A molecular dynamics study.


D. Vardanega, S. Picaud


Article, 2014, DOI=10.1063/1.4894658



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