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Quelques publications en 2016

Guided resonances on lithium niobate for extremely small electric field detection investigated by accurate sensitivity analysis


Wentao Qiu, Abdoulaye Ndao, Huihui Lu, Maria-Pilar Bernal, and Fadi Issam Baida


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1364/OE.24.020196

Fano resonance-based highly sensitive, compact temperature sensor on thin film lithium niobate


Wentao Qiu, Abdoulaye Ndao, Venancio Calero Vila, Roland Salut, Nadège Courjal, Fadi Issam Baida, and Maria-Pilar Bernal


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1364/OL.41.001106

Analysis of Mixed Formic and Acetic Acid Aggregates Interacting With Water: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study, Journal of Physical Chamistry


Bastien Radola, Sylvain Picaud, Delphine Vardanega, and Pál Jedlovszky


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b02728

Voltage-activated transport of ions through single-walled carbon nanotubes


Khadija Yazda, Saïd Tahir, Thierry Michel, Bastien Loubet, Manoel Manghi, Jeremy Bentin, Fabien Picaud, John Palmeri, François Henn and Vincent Jourdain


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1039/c7nr02976d

Encapsulation capacity and natural payload delivery of an anticancer drug from boron nitride nanotube


M. El Khalifi, J. Bentin, E. Duverger, T. Gharbi, H. Boulahdour and F. Picaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1039/c6cp01387b

CFD simulations of the magnetocaloric heat transfers between a gadolinium plate and an oscillating liquid flow


J.C. Roy, T. Delarochelambert, P. Nika, Y. Bailly, R. Glises, A. Meunier


Inproceedings, 2016, DOI=10.18462/iir.thermag.2016.0220

Development of a 4D numerical chest phantom with customizable breathing


P.E. Leni, R. Laurent, M. Salomon, R. Gschwind, L. Makovicka, J. Henriet


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1016/j.ejmp.2016.05.004

Selective Inhibition of STAT3 with Respect to STAT1: Insights from Molecular Dynamics and Ensemble Docking Simulations


Yesylevskyy, Semen O.; Ramseyer, Christophe; Pudlo, Marc; et al


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1021/acs.jcim.6b00198

Pyomelanin-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa selected during chronic infections have a large chromosomal deletion which confers resistance to pyocins


Hocquet D, Petitjean M, Rohmer L, Valot B, Kulasekara HD, Bedel E, Bertrand X, Plésiat P, Köhler T, Pantel A, Jacobs MA, Hoffman LR, Miller SI


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1111/1462-2920.13336

Uncertainties of impact configuration for numerical replications of real world trauma: a FE analysis


M. Bodo, S. Roth


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1142/S0219519416400182

From military to civil loadings: Preliminary numerical-based thorax injury criteria investigations


A Awoukeng Goumtcha, Michèle Bodo, Lorenzo Taddei and Sébastien Roth


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1002/cnm.2738

Optimizing the energy consumption of message passing applications with iterations executed over grids


Fanfakh, Ahmed and Charr, Jean-Claude and Couturier, Raphaël and Giersch, Arnaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1016/j.jocs.2016.07.012

Energy consumption reduction for asynchronous message-passing applications


Fanfakh, Ahmed and Charr, Jean-Claude and Couturier, Raphaël and Giersch, Arnaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1007/s11227-016-1926-1

Controlling and Assessing Correlations of Cost Matrices in Heterogeneous Scheduling


Louis-Claude Canon, Pierre-Cyrille Héam, Laurent Philippe


Inproceedings, 2016, DOI=10.1007/978-3-319-43659-3_10

Experimental procedure to design stressed HBAR devices when the third-order elastic constants are not known


Thomas Baron, Ludovic BEBON, Valérie Petrini, Gilles Martin, Bernard Dulmet, Jean-Marc Lesage


Inproceedings, 2016, DOI=10.1109/EFTF.2016.7477805

Encapsulation capacity and natural payload delivery of an anticancer drug from boron nitride nanotube


M. El Khalifi, J. Bentin, E. Duverger, T. Gharbi, H. Boulahdour and F. Picaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1039/C6CP01387B

Towards New Insights in the Sterol/Amphotericin Nanochannels Formation: A Molecular Dynamic Simulation Study


Khaoula Boukari, Sebastien Balme, Jean-Marc Janot, Fabien Picaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1007/s00232-015-9865-y

Confined Nystatin Polyenes in Nanopore Induce Biologic Ionic Selectivity


Khaoula Boukari, Guillaume Paris, Tijani Gharbi, Sébastien Balme,Jean-Marc Janot, and Fabien Picaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1155/2016/2671383

Biomimetic solution against dewetting in a highly hydrophobic nanopore


Fabien Picaud, Guillaume Paris, Tijani Gharbi, Sebastien Balme, Mathilde Lepoitevin, Vidhyadevi Tangaraj, Mikhael Bechelany, Jean Marc Janot, Emmanuel Balanzat and François Henn


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1039/C6SM00315J

Nanovectorization of DNA Through Cells Using Protamine Complexation


Khaoula Boukari, Cécile Caoduro, Raoudha Kacem, Nadia Skandrani, Christophe Borg, Hatem Boulahdour, Tijani Gharbi, Régis Delage-Mourroux, Eric Hervouet, Marc Pudlo, Fabien Picaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1007/s00232-016-9890-5

Theoretical use of boron nitride nanotubes as a perfect container for anticancer molecules


M. El Khalifi,E. Duverger, T. Gharbi, H. Boulahdoura and F. Picaud


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1039/C5AY02822A

Uncertainties of impact configuration for numerical replications of real-world trauma: a FE analysis


M.Bodo, S.Roth, J. Mech


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1142/s0219519416400182

Two Parallel Implementations of Ehrlich-Aberth Algorithm for Root-Finding of Polynomials on Multiple GPUs with OpenMP and MPI


Kahina Ghidouche, Abderrahmane Sider, Lilia Ziane Khodja and Raphaël Couturier


Inproceedings, 2016, DOI=

Simulation-based estimation of branching models for LTR retrotransposons


Serge Moulin, Nicolas Seux, Stéphane Chrétien, Christophe Guyeux and Emmanuelle Lerat


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1093/bioinformatics/btw622

Numerical analysis of broadband fiber optical parametric amplifiers pumped by two chirped pulses


Damien Bigourd, Coralie Fourcade Dutin, Olivier Vanvincq, E. Hugonnot, JOSAB


Inproceedings, 2016, DOI=10.1364/JOSAB.33.001800

Correlation-Aware Heuristics for Evaluating the Distribution of the Longest Path Length of a DAG with Random Weights


Louis-Claude Canon and Emmanuel Jeannot


Inproceedings, 2016, DOI=10.1109/TPDS.2016.2528983

Replicability and impact of statistics in the detection of neural responses of consciousness


Damien Gabriel, Emelyne Muzard, Julie Henriques, Coralie Mignot, Lionel Pazart, Nathalie Andre Obadia, Juan-Pablo Ortega, and Thierry Moulin


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1093/brain/aww065

Using nested graphs to distribute Parallel and Distributed Multi-Agent Systems


Rousset, Alban and Herrmann, Benedicte and Lang, Christophe and Philippe, Laurent and Bride, Hadrien


Article, 2016, DOI=

A Survey on Parallel and Distributed Multi-Agent Systems for High Performance Computing


Rousset, Alban and Herrmann, Benedicte and Lang, Christophe and Philippe, Laurent


Article, 2016, DOI=

Impact of urban developments on the functional connectivity of forested habitats: a joint contribution of advanced urban models and landscape graphs


Cécile Tannier, Marc Bourgeois, Hélène Houot, Jean-Christophe Foltête


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.12.002

Synthesis, regioselectivity and DFT-analysis of new antioxidant pyrazolo[4,3-c] quinoline-3,4-diones




Article, 2016, DOI=10.1007/s00706-016-1660-7

Electrogeneration of diiodoaurate in dimethylsulfoxide on gold substrate and localized patterning


A. Kandory, R. Yahiaoui, E. Herth, H. Cattey, T. Gharbi, G. Herlem


Article, 2016, DOI= 10.20964/2016.09.58

Enhanced DR5 binding capacity of nanovectorized TRAIL compared to its cytotoxic version by affinity chromatography and molecular docking studies


A.-B. Zakaria, F. Picaud, Y.-C. Guillaume, T. Gharbi, O. Micheau, G. Herlem


Article, 2016, DOI=10.1002/jmr.2539



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